Employment Services

What is Supported Employment

Supported Employment refers to employment settings that provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities who cannot work in the open labour market.  Supported Employment allows people with disabilities achieve economic, community and social participation through meaningful employment, who otherwise, may not be able to work at all.

Access Industries has successfully been providing Supported Employment across New South Wales since 1949. Through effective planning, training and ongoing support we are able to break down barriers to employment for people with disabilities.

Access Industries currently employ circa 250 people with disabilities across our various sites, performing work tasks such as packaging and warehouse, laundry, timberwork and sewing. Our employees with a disability work alongside employees without a disability, all employees enjoy the same working conditions and opportunities.

While we do receive recurrent support from the Federal Government under the Disability Services Act, we are still a business that prides itself on providing a supportive and professional workplace that delivers quality products for our customers. We deliver ‘best practice’ service delivery in accordance with the National Standards for Disability Services and the NDIS Practice Standards.

If you are interested in working for Access Industries please Contact us.


Fundamental philosophy of Access Industries is ensuring employees are provided with opportunities to achieve their goals. Training and support enforces this philosophy.

Access Industries has dedicated Training Officers who develop training goals and employment plans for employees to support them achieve their goals.

Training is delivered in various methods and tailored to suit the learning needs of employees. Training can be one-on-one or in a group setting and can be delivered on-the-job or in a classroom environment. Training goals are determined by employees, regularly reviewed and tailored to meet individualised needs.


Compliment training, support is also offered to employees to assist them achieve their goals. Access Industries recognises that a holistic approach to service delivery is essential in achieving goals and provides support to employees not only in the workplace but external of the workplace as well.

Access Industries have dedicated Welfare Officer who provides support to employees. We support employees to be at the centre of their choices and work towards achieving both their workplace goals and non-workplace goals.


Through training and support people with disabilities are able to achieve extraordinary goals. Achievement is enshrined throughout Access Industries by encouraging employees to develop and work towards various life goals.

Access Industries supports employees to strive for goals both within the workplace, such as learning new tasks, and outside of work, such as getting a driver’s licence. This provides endless opportunities for employees to increase knowledge, gain new skills, develop a career path and participate in their community.

With commitment and hard work of employees and effective training and support provided by Access Industries, people with disability are able to achieve their goals.

How do I become an employee of Access Industries?

To ensure Access Industries is the right place for you, both the Welfare Officer and Safety and Training Officer will meet with you for an initial interview and skills assessment. Your work goals, support requirements, travel options and employment conditions (the award wage paid, work hours etc) will all be discussed and you will be provided with the information you need to make an informed choice on employment. We encourage that you bring a support person with you (parent, advocate or friend) to our first meeting, but, you are welcome to come on your own – it is your choice. If you would like to work for Access Industries please Contact Us.