One of the traditional businesses within Access Industries is the Commercial Sewing Department, located at our Newcastle Branch. Our Commercial Sewing Division is setup for both Industrial and Domestic sewing requirements.

Cutting table facilities allow us to manage large sheets or rolls of material without a problem. The mainstay of Access Industries’ Sewing Division is our 100% Australian made Door Draught Stoppers

Our door draught stoppers are sand filled, so they won’t blow away while covering those windy gaps under doors and crevices. The sand is specially dried & cleaned, to prevent mould and any leaching through the material. The cloth material used is sourced and chosen for its quality and modern colours & designs.

They are available in a variety of colours and designs and the quality of the cloth ensures the sand filler does not escape through the material.

To find out more about Access Industries’ Commercial Sewing facility, or our 100% Australian sand-filled door draught stoppers please Contact Us, or Email our Newcastle office.