Training Services

Our stated Purpose is “to provide services for people with disabilities in employment-related areas”. To support this Purpose, we offer related training services to ensure our Supported Employees can optimise their work potential and to develop vocational & personal skills to maximise their potential.

Individual Employment Plans (IEP)

All Supported Employees have an IEP. The plan forms part of the initial interview and on-boarding process. Our Training Officers and Welfare Officers are jointly responsible for the assessment, development, and monitoring of an employee’s IEP. The IEP is used to:

  • ascertain the strengths and needs of the employee with respect to their vocational aspirations.
  • provide information on employment options available to the employee so that they can make informed choices.
  • assist the employee to set out short- and long-term goals.
  • develop training strategies to assist the employee in attaining vocational goals.
  • evaluate progress, and review goals and strategies.

Vocational Training

Access Industries operates a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 45311), known as Access Knowledge, to deliver selected nationally recognised (VET) training in process manufacturing and foundation skills & knowledge. Training courses are offered to all Access Industries employees and to other disability services organisations.

Our RTO can assist people with disability in employment by:

  • Preparing school leavers and young people to transition to a vocation. Based on our experience, we believe there is a window of opportunity for young people to learn work skills that if delayed they don’t have the same outcomes later in life.
  • Preparing people with disability, already in employment, to improve their personal and financial independence via paid employment being in supported employment, in Disability Employment Service (DES) placements or in open employment.

Our 70+-years’ experience has also enabled us to develop ‘reasonably adjusted’ training & assessment material to maximise effective learning. Our trainers are all experienced in delivering training for people with disability. Prior to the commencement of a training course, we assess all learners (who are people with a disability), for Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) to ensure the needs of the learner are known so individual supports can be provided.

For more information about our RTO, go to the Access Knowledge website.