Why don’t you do this at home?!

It is a common lament from parents when they observe their children happily performing tasks for others that would otherwise by avoided like the plague at home.

Such was the case when a group of parents visited their children on site to observe the Access Industries’ Work Experience program for students with disability.

Year 11 students from St Gabriels Castle Hill engage in a weekly work experience program with Access.  They are supported in developing hands-on skills in preparation for the workplace.

Non-supported employees work alongside the students with disability, mentoring them in small groups, to ensure the job gets done.  And to supervise Workplace Health and Safety.

The student’s parents were delighted to observe what a potential workplace could be like for their child.  They were pleasantly surprised at the level of skill the students displayed in the intricate art of packaging.  Hence the happy lament, “why don’t you do this at home!”

One parent remarked “I am taking home a lot of positives.  It gives us hope that there are options for employment for our children when they leave school.”

Another parent summed up everyone’s thoughts by remarking “these kids have been together since kindergarten.  How great it would be if they all worked together at Access when they leave school.”