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Access Industries is a leader in timber manufacturing, packing solutions and linen services.  Our vast portfolio also includes industrial sewing and supported employment and training. We invest heavily in our people to provide reliability, flexibility and a highly skilled workforce to ensure the best outcomes for our customers.

Who Are We?

Access Industries was formed in 1949 to provide opportunities for people with disability to achieve economic and community participation through meaningful employment. We are 100% Australian-owned. Today, we operate several thriving business enterprises in manufacturing, packing and linen services, to help achieve our life-long purpose.

Empowering abilities & transforming lives, help support us!

Our News

NDIS Audit Report in Plain English

In disability services, an NDIS audit is when an approved auditor examines your services to see if they comply with current standards and are up to date. NDIS Practice Standards…
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Why don’t you do this at home?!

It is a common lament from parents when they observe their children happily performing tasks for others that would otherwise by avoided like the plague at home. Such was the…
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