Vocational & Skills Training

Our purpose is to improve the lives of people with disability through meaningful skills training and employment.

We offer training services to ensure our supported employees can develop vocational and personal skills to maximise their potential.

We thrive by our mission to:


Training Officers develop tailored employment plans to support employees in achieving their goals.

Training is tailored to suit the learning needs of employees – one-on-one, group settings, on-the-job or in a classroom environment.


Access Industries has dedicated Welfare Officers who provide support to employees to assist them achieve their goals, in the workplace and in social and community settings.


Achievement is enshrined throughout Access Industries by encouraging employees to develop and work towards their life goals.

Through training and support people with disability can achieve extraordinary goals.

Individual Employment Plans (IEP)

All supported employees have an IEP. Our Training Officers and Welfare Officers are jointly responsible for the assessment, development, and monitoring of an employee’s IEP.

The plan is used to:
  • Ascertain the strengths and needs of the employee with respect to their vocational aspirations.
  • provide information on employment options so the employee can make informed choices.
  • Assist the employee to set out short- and long-term goals.
  • Develop training strategies to assist the employee in attaining vocational goals.
  • Evaluate progress, and review goals and strategies.