2023 Presidents and Long Service Awards

The Presidents’ Award is a special award in memory of past Presidents of Access.  It is awarded annually in each division to the person who has achieved the most significant self-improvement, or who has performed the most meritorious acts over the past year. The award recipient is inscribed on the Honour Board on disaply at each site.

Long Service Awards are presented each year in each division, usually at our Xmas Party break-ups.  They are presented to recognise and acknowledge a person’s contribution to Access by supported and non-supported employees, who have been employed for a significant amount of time.

Congratulations to all.  We value your commitment and contribution to our workplace.

Presidents’ Award – Alannah Kosac @ Seven Hills Access Packing Solutions

Presidents’ Award – Taylor Kearney @ Newcastle Timber Manufacturing


Presidents’ Award – Mark Baker @ Lithgow Laundry Services

Service Awards

Seven Hills

NameYears of Service
Patricia Perry15
Leanne Brimms30
Geralyn Norris30
Ricardo Dáversa40
Richard Malcolm45
Assiah Sahyoun45

Erskine Park

NameYears of Service
Cheng Lang15
Monn Him15
Chan Chap15
Ida Briffa15
Velvili Balasubramaniam15
Kugamalar Ananthashiva15
Jessi Jeyarajah15
Michael Evans30

Horsley Park

NameYears of Service
Sally Mirafuentes10
Sarin Sous10
Ngo Kieng Ung10
Cam Xi Tran10
Syretha Nuth15
Robert Bennett20
Allen Lau25
Craig Ginn30
Stephen Foster35


NameYears of Service
Gary Wolfenden30


NameYears of Service
Taylor Kearney10
Trent Brewer10
Clayton Beeton15
Todd Hugill15
Geoffrey Newsome15
Robert Apthorpe20
Deanne Anderson30
Susan DeJong30
Douglas DeJong30
Lynette Redding30
Joseph Little35
Vickie Dougherty35
Stephen Elliott35
Kiro Dragarski40
Anthony Fairweather45