Access Industries – Packing solutions

Access Industries is a leader in packing solutions, timber products and linen services. Our vast portfolio also includes industrial sewing and supported employment and training. We invest heavily in our people to provide reliability, flexibility and a highly skilled workforce to ensure the best outcomes for our customers.

Our Sydney packing operation comprises three sites. Seven Hills general packaging and assembly works to the highest GMP standards and is TGA licensed, Class 1A, for the secondary packaging of therapeutic goods such as health and medical supplies. We are also HAACP certified for food and beverage.

We engage in secondary packing at our Erskine Park and Horsley Park sites with major international brands such as J&J and Proctor and Gamble.

We offer a complete range of packaging services:

  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Bundle-wrapping
  • Labelling
  • Blister sealing
  • Pre-pack assembly
  • Sleeving
  • Tamper proofing
  • Heat bag sealing
  • Kit and light assembly
  • Inkjet coding
  • Shelf Ready Packing

Other Capabilities:

  • Store, Pick, Pack, Despatch to End User
  • Receival of containers direct from port
  • Semi-Trailer acceptance from customer DC
  • Shipment from Access to DC
  • APVMA Certification for Sealed Containers and Packages

Our main site at Seven Hills is 3,850sqm in total. The production area is 1,350+ sqm and the warehouse area can securely provide racked storage for 650+ pallets. The site has a loading dock providing access for semi-trailers and 40ft containers, and temporary storage facilities in both ambient and temperature-controlled storerooms.

We use modern automated and semi-automated packaging equipment such as shrink tunnels, L-Bar sealers, label machines, inkjet and label printers, label dispensers and assisted lifting equipment.
A recent half million-dollar upgrade, extending production lines from 12 to 18, has provided a two-fold expansion to the company’s main area of operation and its employment mission. The upgrade is aimed at developing capacity in line with customer demand and providing additional opportunities for training and supported employment placement.

Recyclable from top to toe

Brand owners have obligations to manage the environmental impact of their packaging waste. A reciprocal packaging partnership can be advantageous in helping brand owners take stewardship of their eco obligations.

Where possible, to minimise transportation and CO2 emissions, we unload and despatch in full semi-trailers. Most of the time we use unprinted recycled cardboard for our shippers, that are 80% recyclable.

Our shrink film is soft plastic recyclable and all plastic waste is recycled. We have recently introduced recycled stretch film for wrapping pallets. So, look out for the “You can recycle me” label on your next pallet of stock from Access Industries.

We use LED lighting throughout our operations.

We even manage our tech waste through relevant recycling service providers if we can’t refurbish or reuse.

Our POD is our people

Packing is just one of our business units that provides jobs for people with disability through Access Industries Supported Employment.

Access was formed 75 years ago by a small group of people with physical disability wanting to create economic and community participation through meaningful employment.

Our purpose remains to improve the lives of people with disability by providing opportunities for employment, as well as support in developing vocational and life skills.

We deliver on our purpose by maintaining profitable and sustainable business operations to help fund our disability services.

Today, of our 600 or so employees, we have 260 supported employees, who work alongside their peers, receiving the individual support they need to achieve their employment goals.