New Production Facility at Seven Hills

The recent commissioning of a new production facility at Access Industries’ Seven Hill site has extended capacity by 25%.

Extending production lines from 12, to 15, then to 18 has provided a two-fold expansion to the company’s main area of operation and its employment mission.  It has enabled Access to develop capacity in line with customer demand and has provided additional opportunities for training and employment placement for people with disability.

General packing and secondary packaging for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and health and lifestyle products are primarily conducted at the Seven Hills facility, operating under Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) conditions. Customers receive high quality services supported by quality management systems that are frequently tested.

According to Rajnesh Lal, Production Manager Seven Hills, “We develop in line with our customer’s needs. There has been an increase in demand for upgrading capacity.  The additional packing lines will allow us to improve on efficient delivery and take on bigger projects”.

The new facility offers bundle wrapping, pre-packing and shelf-ready tray packing, using state-of-the-art machinery.  With additional capacity and machines in operation, Access has had to bring on an additional workforce, creating more opportunities for supported employees, to be trained and moved into ongoing full-time work.

According to Rajnesh, building a new production facility from the ground up has also improved on housekeeping.  There is no congestion, it has opened other areas of operation for improved freedom of movement and expanded storage space at the facility.

“We take housekeeping very seriously”, said Rajnesh.  “Up to the first half of 2023, we can record a record-breaking 1350 days of no LTI’s (Loss Time Injuries)”.

We are always looking at ways to adapt and provide for our customers, to be competitive and to improve.  This philosophy also provides the best work practice and environment to create meaningful opportunities for our supported employees.”