Open Day success in Newcastle

In early December 2023 Newcastle welcomed a large group of people attending one of our regular Open Days.  The group included parents of adults with disability, support coordinators and a school group with their teachers, who are interested in work experience.

The purpose of the Open Day is to provide a first-hand experience of what it would be like to work at Access Industries in supported employment, for people with disability.

The group was welcomed with a morning tea in our Newcastle canteen facility before being taken on an extensive tour of the manufacturing site.

The Newcastle site has meaningful employment opportunities for people of all abilities within our packing or timber departments.  We also offer work experience opportunities for students with Learning Support Officers/Teachers to gain practical skills and provide an insight into employment options for school-leavers.

With three different departments and over 100 employees of all different abilities, we provide employment opportunities for almost all qualifying employees from 1 -2 hours per week up to 34 hours per week.

Each individual employee has a work plan tailored to their needs and capacity for employment, providing agreed hours of work per day or days per week. To be eligible for consideration of employment the person must qualify for a disability pension or be an NDIS Plan recipient.

Access Newcastle employment options

Dept P provides services and meaningful employment for people with different abilities who need significant support and would otherwise not be able to work.

Dept T provides services and meaningful employment for people with a higher level of functional capacity manufacturing timber pallets, spools, and more timber products in Newcastle. Employees in this area use some equipment and hand tools in preparing the timber for assembly with the use of jigs. Dept T also comprises a casual workforce to complement the supported workforce in ensuring the business meets our customer requirements in a timely manner.

Dept W provides services and meaningful employment for people with different abilities in an open employment type environment. This business unit offers the opportunity to manufacture a wide range of standard or custom timber products from standard pallets, custom made pallets of any size, including pallets with sides, crates and lids, blocks, chocks, dunnage in hardwood or pine and if required heat treated and approved to display the internationally recognised ISMP15 certification mark.

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