President’s Awards 2015

2015 Presidents’ Award

These annual awards are made in memory of past Presidents of Access Industries. Nominations are received from all Company employees and staff.

Nominees are adjudged to have achieved significant self-improvement or to have performed a meritorious act or acts during the calendar year. These may include self improvement or meritorious acts that are external to work or are work-related, where :

“Self-improvement” could include the successful completion of training courses, significant improvement in attitude and/or displayed behaviour (e.g. towards co-workers, supervisors, work), or improvement in personal presentation.

“Meritorious acts” include behaviour that is helpful toward others or to Access Industries, either at or away from work, and which is particularly noteworthy.

Successful nominees receive a cash award as determined from time to time plus an engraved plaque. An honour Board is also displayed at each Division, listing the names of past winners.

Separate awards are presented at the Christmas functions for each Division – Sydney Operations (including Seven Hills, Erskine Park and Horsley Park sites); Newcastle; and Lithgow.

The 2015 Presidents’ award winners were:

  • Tina Harper, Lithgow
  • Clinton Roffey, Sydney Operations
  • David Fielding, Newcastle.