Greg Sindel – Comic Creator

If you haven’t heard of fantasy comic-book creator Greg Sindel,  now you have.  And now you will most likely see his name, and his amazing art, everywhere.  Greg is one of our beloved long-term supported employees, more famously known for his prodigious talent for writing and illustrating graphic comic novels.  Greg has written and published eight books so far and has a trove of ideas for dozens more.

He favours the monster, mythical, superhero genres, inspired by TV series such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  “I used to love colouring-in books when I was young,” said Greg.  “In 2002, when I was 14 years old, I started illustrating my own ideas.”

In 2012, Greg met Leigh Rogozzi, a Tasmanian artist who also draws comics and mentors other graphic artists.  According to Greg, Leigh mentored him into finessing his comic art, encouraging Greg to translate his ideas and passion into a full-length comic book.

Greg’s current piece-de-resistance is the 100-page hard cover comic book titled “Horrendous Myths” – an anthology of four vignettes that combine to create the entire long-form story.  “Four is my favourite number” Greg said.

With his insatiable fervour for the bizarre, Greg has recreated cult classic such as Dracula, Frankenstein and Moby Dick, giving them his own unique spin in a comic book story created for the modern age.

Coming up next is “Dracula, the nocturnal beast”. Having been transported from Transylvania to Australia, Dracula wakes from his tormented sleep in a strange new place, where he seeks a bride to comfort him.  And that’s all we can tell you for now…’ll have to buy the book.

Greg’s creative drive is integral to his personality, which has been described as “friendly and a little bit mischievous”.  Nothing illustrates his mischievousness better than his Hitchcook-esque cameo appearances in his work. In one of his stories, Greg appears as a roving ice-cream truck owner, as if keeping an avuncular eye on his characters in passing.

When his busy mind is not bent on art, Greg works in the Access Industries packing facility in Seven Hills.  After being with us for 7 years, we know Greg is highly dedicated to achieving great outcomes with his work, just as he is with his art.

There is so much more to Greg’s talent.  His books are a feast for the eyes and a joyous read of the macabre.  You can learn more by simply googling Greg Sindel.  He’s everywhere!